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Our Brands

As an independent children's shoe shop we work hard to find brands and styles that are a little bit different, and choose products for their quality and durability.


This company represents the highest quality German manufacturing. Ricosta manufacture just for children and understand the demand infants and older kids place on their shoes. Breathable, waterproof uppers, removable, washable footbeds, even washable sandals to allow kids to have adventures in their footwear.


Petasil was founded in 1988 in the Portuguese city known as ' the capital of shoes'. Their use of beautiful, soft, high quality leather has marked them out in Europe as a leader in the shoe industry. Known principally for the comfort of their school shoe range they are quickly gaining respect for their ability to extend their styles each season, without compromising on quality.


The shoe that breathes , with a patented breathable membrane. Geox children's shoes keep little feet healthy and dry without compromising durability.


Apart from their great selection of sizes and styles, hush puppies have a unique system of "fit left, fit right". Children's feet are rarely the same size so this clever option can fit a size f on one foot and a size h on the other resulting in a perfect pair of shoes.


From New Zealand and quite literally the next best thing to bare feet. The softest Eco friendly leathers that mould to your child's feet, elasticated collars and non slip suede soles resulting in a healthy and comfortable shoe that allows little feet to develop how nature intended.


A global footwear phenomenon, made from a remarkable resin material which moulds to your child's foot. Coupled with an orthotic heel, arch support and tarsal bar position, all your kids will care about is what colour to choose.


Leaders in kids shoes in France , combining great looks with remarkably comfortable material, pioneering the use of lightweight, flexible, cushioned insoles using a highly resistant material, allowing Noel to manufacture some of the lightest shoes available.


Infant shoes from a French brand renowned for its great use of colour and trims to create gorgeous and eye catching footwear.


Yet another fantastic shoe brand from Portugal, designed , developed and produced in their own factory , they pride themselves on producing cheerful, and colourful urban footwear for infants that will look after the development of your child's foot.