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Expert Fitting Service

At Muddy Frogs we are passionate about good foot health, and aim to provide a fun, relaxed atmosphere for families shopping for childrens shoes.

It is crucial to remember that children's feet are very different from adults and many foot problems can be avoided simply by wearing correctly fitted shoes throughout childhood.

At birth there are no true bones in the feet, only soft cartilage which gradually changes into bone. It's incredible to think that all 26 bones and more than 50 joints are not fully formed until the late teens so its not surprising that young feet are vulnerable to damage.

Having correctly fitted shoes will offer support and will allow the foot to develop and grow without any restrictions , ensuring our children have a long and exciting journey ahead of them on healthy feet.

As well as selling high quality shoes we pride ourselves on being children's shoe fitting specialists, and are committed to providing an expert fitting service throughout childhood. All our staff are trained to the highest standards of the Society of shoe fitters and are on hand to offer expert advice.

Our staff will strive to find the best fitting shoes for your child whatever the shape and size of the foot, with different width fittings available, whether its a first shoe, trainer, sandal, school shoe, boot or party shoe, we have a large selection to choose from.

We also specialise in fitting shoes for children that require orthotic inserts and aim to provide a professional and friendly service for children with a variety of different needs.

At the shop we are serious about our responsibilities when it comes to feet, which is why we are members of the society of shoe fitters (, a society that was founded in 1959 by people passionate about good shoe fitting and foot health.